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“ALEA JACTA EST” is what Caesar said when he crossed the Rubicon river when he learned that the Senate had removed him from his command. Crossing that small Italian river was equivalent to disobeying Rome’s orders and entering into open rebellion.

CaesarThe great confrontation with Pompey was about to begin… One of them would become the Master of Rome, and the other would die…

Another great way to relive the major civil wars of the Roman ancient world on your PC, from the first century BC to the third century AD…

ALEA JACTA EST is the first historical game on a PC to cover the main Roman civil wars, and it will be released on September 22nd, 2012, at the price of US$ 19.99 / 19.99 €. The game was created by a French team of dedicated players and recreates those epic fights that pitch Romans vs. Romans:

  • Civil war between Marius and Sulla (and Mithridate of Pontus) (87 to 82 BC).
  • The conflict between Rome, Sertorius and Mithridate (75 to 70 BC)
  • The great Roman civil war with Caesar opposing Pompey (50 to 45 BC)
  • The Year of the Four Emperors (68 to 70 AD)
  • The advent of Septimius Severus (193 to 198 AD)

Heavy CavaleryALEA JACTA EST offers a great level of details and historical accuracy rarely found in a video game. It’s a true simulation where the player is directly confronted to the dilemmas and challenges of the great leaders of the time. How to build and pay your armies and fleets, to organize, maintain and maneuver them, taking into account military, economic and also political environments… as Rome’s neighbors won’t stay inactive and may well participate in the conflict, or take advantage of it for their own good…

Republic LegionFor instance, two of the scenarios allow players to take the role of the non-Roman king of Pontus, Mithridate VI, the last great opponent of the Roman Republic.

The game uses the famous AGE engine, already successfully implemented on other games, with turn duration of one month.

The map shows the whole Europe, Northern Africa and the Near East (over 2800 regions), with cities, roads, fortifications, terrain, weather, tribes and kingdoms of the time (adjusted for each scenario).
Hundreds of historical leaders, units and events, 5 campaigns from 87 BC to 197 AD, dozens of hours of play against your PC or the possibility to play via email with up to three players in the same game.

Production Alea Jacta Est 

ALEA JACTA EST is the core game that holds most of the requirements needed for the upcoming Ancient campaigns titles that are planned with this game: shortly after the release of AJE, a new downloadable scenario will be supplied, then another standalone game, BIRTH OF ROME, will cover the history of the beginnings of the Roman Republic, with its conflicts with Carthage or Pyrrhus. In 2013 we shall publish an expansion pack on the PARTHIAN WARS, then more new packs and DLCs will come along. The main goal is to ultimately offer all the wars of Rome, from its beginning till its end…

The AJE series will benefit from a same long-lasting and quality follow-up by a dedicated team, allowing for improvements and development of new mods, events, scenarios and graphics …

Buy ALEA JACTA EST on September 22nd, 2012

NB: The AJE team is pleased to offer an option to pre-order the game from August 25th, 2012, on the AGEOD website exclusively, offering as a bonus an original scenario on Spartacus Revolt (73 BC)

Be Sole Master of Rome

SEP AJE is an independant French company based in Grenoble which owns the right and property of the Alea Jacta Est game and has developped this great title on the Ancient era. The company will look for various partners to distribute its game, both in digital and physical versions.

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7 – DirectX 9.0c or higher – Chip: Pentium® IV 1800+ MHz – 4Gb free on the HD – 1024 Mb RAM – Video Card: 128 Mb – DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card – Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or larger


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